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  1.  Two-advisor policy: To accommodate the different skills of each student, the two-advisor policy was created. This allows each student to have two advisors: one administrative and one vocational. The administrative advisor will be responsible for designing the course schedule and lessons. The vocational advisor will help with the training of technical skills. This policy allows students to be able to concentrate fully on learning.
  2. Customized course schedule: The administrative advisor will plan students’ course schedules according to their skills and interests. The vocational advisor will rigorously train the student, making arrangements such as fieldwork or entering competitions to enrich students’ experience.

  3. Industry cooperation: Through working closely with the industry and recruiting industry insiders as vocational advisors, students can apply their knowledge with practical means. Advisors may arrange internships and more to help students have a seamless transition from graduation to work.

  4. Tutoring: Because of its cross-domain nature, this program focuses on exceptional technical skill as well as strong foreign language ability. Domains include: “Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering”, “Electrical and Computer Engineering”, “Construction and Civil Engineering”, “Chemical and Material Science Engineering”, and “Life Design”. Each domain has core ideas taught through lab sessions or professional classes. Advisors will arrange classes for the basics, such as language courses and/or general education courses. If students feel the need to, they can apply for tutoring.

  5. English ability: To help students improve their English skills, TOEIC intensive training courses are available. Students are placed into classes based on their current ability. Foreign students are also available in the class to help with English speaking and listening. This allows students to have a chance to talk with a real foreigner. After reaching the course requirements, students have a chance to be chosen for an internship abroad.